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Swinger beach area

The swinger area of the Maspalomas dunes are well known as the place where swingers not only are meeting with other swingers but also that further in-side the dunes SEX are widely practiced openly for anybody to be seen. 
When visiting the swinger area of the nudist beach you should therefore be prepared that you might be approached be others looking for SEX or deeper in-side the dunes that people have "SEX on the beach" and vi mean here not the cocktail you can drink.
The Swinger area is also a frequently visited place by both single men/woman and couples who praxis "Dogging" ie. SEX in public with strangers and where it often is the woman/couple that invite single men to be "served". 
Couples who come in the swinger area will often find themselves been approached by single men that hope to be invited to have SEX with them either direct "her and now" on the beach or later in the hotels. 
Swinger at "work" direct at the beach
In the Swinger area of the nudist beach you will find that both couples frequently have SEX openly either between them self or with another couple and this is often done with either a group of "prowlers" looking.
Many swinger couples who is looking for for an extra woman will often approach single woman to see if they are willing to participate in a threesome.

Dunen map

In the swinger area of the Dunes it is often seen that single woman (or part of a couple) while sunbathing masturbate well knowing that the men are looking at her and playing with there "equipment" at the same time.
After a full day surrounded by naked people some "stress- relief" is needed !!!
She knows how to saticify a man !!!!
Stranger gets a handjob !!!!
Shame... only a handjob !!!!
An often seen situation in the Dunes of Maspalomas

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