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Sex in public with strangers is also known by it's English word "Dogging" who is a phenomena that comes from England and since has spread to the rest of Europe. Dogging is short described as when sexual liberal people meet in out in the free public nature and have sex with strangers.
Previously the English used the excuse that they had to walk the dog, hence thereby the name "dogging". Today it's an accepted way of having sex with others and the most have no need to bring there dog.
Typical they meet in a public accessible place after having come in contact trough the Internet or simply by showing up in known "dogging" sits where they know to meet likeminded. In the winter people often pre-arrange meetings in indoor places like sun-centers etc.
English "Doggers" in action
English "Dogger" serving the crowed
Another type of "dogging" is where singles (married or not) couples go to known "dogging" sits hand have sex in public well knowing that they are being observed by "prowlers" who like to watch others having sex. Dogging often involves sexual satisfaction of several persons at the same time ie. females giving blowjob or having sex with 3-5  unknown men at the same time.
Most countries and citys have now there "dogging" areas and a quick search on the Internet (google) under Dogging and your city name will often reveal several places where you find "dogging".
On Gran Canaria "Dogging" is often done in the Dunes of Maspaloma either in the dedicated Swinger or Gay areas
English "Doggers" in action
English "Doggers" in action

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